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Mar 4, 2012 6:00am PST
you again at five. have a great day. >> coming up at 5:30. romney on a roll in the gop race for president. can the other republicans catch up, as we move toward super tuesday? plus big changes in what kind of food is being served up by santa clara county. you might be surprised. interesting menu coming up next. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. carolyn tyler has the morning off. thank you very much for joining us. 28 people, including some children, are homeless this morning after a three alarm fire ripped through their san francisco homes overnight. the fire started in abandoned building in the bayview district. it quickly spread to three other attached row houses. investigators say the fire on oakdale street started about 9:30 last night. it took crews an hour and a half to get the blaze under control. how is started is still a mystery. >> an arson team is on scene and they will be conducting their investigation to determine cause and origin and they are also talking to the residents and trying to get a hold of the property owners of the building. >> no one injured, bu
Mar 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
and mississippi could be game-changers in the race fóró the white house. yesterday mitt romney won decisive victories in smaller caucuses, but rick santorum claimed the big surprise. we have the latest on the race. >> thank you! >> as expected, rick santorum took the lion's share with the 33 of the 40 delegates at stake in kansas. >> we've had a very, very good day in our neighboring state of kansas. >> based on the numbers, the former pennsylvania senator doesn't stand a chance of surpassing mitt romney. >> good morning, y'all! >> the frontrunner took a breather from the campaign trail saturday after padding his commanding lead with 18 delegates overnight from guam and the marianna islands. on saturday the virgin islands state party claimed romney the winner of the caucuses. the next one was tuesday, the alabama and mississippi primary. a win in either state could burnish romney's electability factor. the stakes are high for newt gingrich. the georgia native said the south is his path to victory. a poor showing tuesday could be his last stand. he's short on money and resisting calls to dro
Mar 18, 2012 6:00am PDT
on illinois, where tuesday they have their primary. yesterday romney told a crowd president obama should be fired because gas is so high. romney has a slim lead over santorum. santorum he's really running against one man. he said romney has the same policies as president obama. >>> the man accused of killing 16 afghan villagers is back on american soil. staff sgt. robert bales is now in a private cell in kansas. records and interviews paint a contrasting picture of the man accused of going on a deadly rampage. between his four deployments in iraq and afghanistan, he lived in washington state with his wife and two children. one neighbor said bales was the salt of the earth. >> one of the guys, i got to go over and spend some time with him a little bit and we did a couple barbeques. we went to a pizza place down the road here once or twice with his family, and just a regular guy. >> records show bales had minor scuffles with the law, financial troubles, and that he was passed over for a promotion. >>> here in the bay area after afghan americans and their supporters are condemning the attac
Mar 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
.ú santorum won big, backed byú conservatives and blue collarú voters, easily beating mittú romney and newt gingrich.ú an unofficial count showsú santorum with 47% of the vote tú romney's 37%.ú >> the people sent a loud andú clear message, this race is lonú and far from over, and theú people of wisconsin, i just sayú to you, on wisconsin, let's getú it done!ú thank you.ú [applause]ú >> wisconsin is the next stop.ú last night's louisiana's victorú gives santorum bragging rightsú and ten more delegates, but heú still needs to overcome romney'ú sizable lead to clinch theú nomination.ú the next primaries are marylandú washington d.c. and wisconsin.ú >> lisa is back from checkingú out the computer models.ú she's ready to tell you what isú coming up.ú >> it's the busiest it's withinú all winter long and it's notú even winter anymore.ú we have a nice break around theú bay right now with cloudy skiesú except if you are watching usú from cloverdale, santa rosa.ú light rain to the north.ú snow in the mountains and moreú of everything to come.ú i will detail the fore
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4